Birds on the Towpath and Canal

This morning (8/26/08) Towpathguy saw snowy egrets and blue heron in the Raritan River. It was just before 8 am, and all were within a mile of the Landing Lane Bridge. The blue heron were on the Johnson Park side of the river. Two of the egrets were there too, along with a large gull. The third egret was sitting on a rock about 1/2 mile from the bridge and only about 100 feet from the towpath. A couple of birders from Highland Park were just walking over the Landing Lane spill way with binoculars and they were excited by the sightings.

There are lots of birds and other wildlife and bird watchers too. The bird watchers are usually on the towpath but the birds aren't necessarily there! The Canadian Geese are always around, and, of course, they nest all along the towpath and in the wetlands between the canal and river in the Spring. They can be a bit aggressive if you walk or ride between them and their young, so be prepared to be hissed at. By the middle of the summer, the protective behavior is much reduced.

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