Blackwells Mills Road

The park is at its widest at Blackwells Mills. There is parking between the canal and the river, and there are also toilet facilities.

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The Blackwells Mills Canal House sits between the canal and Canal Road. The Canal house is a national historic site curently owned by The Meadows Foundation. There are events of various sorts approximately monthly -- the next one is a "Paper Mania/Book Sale" on Saturday, September 13, 2008 from 10-4 p.m. The Blackwells Mill itself sits on the west bank of the Millstone River.

The USGS maintains a river gauge (01402000) on the Millstone River at the Blackwells Mills. A website from the NOAA provides useful monitoring functions and an interpretation of the readings. The NOAA provides forecasts for the levels of the Millstone River at Blackwells Mills "as needed during times of high water, but are not routinely available.". The Griggstown Causeway (about 3.5 miles upstream) is closed when the river reaches about 6 feet. At 9 feet River Road at Blacwells Mills is affected. The record high was 21.01 ft on 09/17/1999 from Hurricane Floyd.

6 Mile Run

Adjacent to the park across Canal Road is 6 Mile Run with hiking and biking trails. The parking lot is on Canal about 100 yards south of Blackwells Mills Road. There is a toilet facility in this parking lot. The large building next to the parking lot is a Delaware and Raritan State Park Building. Formerly, this was the part headquarters building.