Canal and Towpath News

The top of this page will always contain the latest news about the canal and towpath. Also, new website features will be listed here. Scroll down to see older announcements.'

(9/21/08) Towpath Surface
  • The surface of much of the towpath between Landing Lane and Blackwells Mills was redone in the Spring of 2008. A mixture of sand, pea gravel and river gravel called "I5" was used. The river gravel has formed a loose monolayer on the top of a hard well-packed surface. The D&R Office says that they are looking into ways to remove the loose gravel from the surface.

(9/21/08) Update to Colonial Park Footbridge
  • The D&R Canal Office says that bids for this bridge have been sent out by the Somerset County Park Commission and that completion is expected sometime in 2010.
(9/21/08) Update to Davidson Avenue/5 Mile Lock Temporary Closure.
  • The parking lot here is closed and PSE&G crews have prepared a path from the parking lot to the canal and river. The towpath itself remains open, but the D&R Office says that it might be closed in the near future for a short time.

(8/29/08) New Signage at DeMott Lane
A new sign "Towpass Access" appeared at the Easton Avenue end of the access road to the DeMott Lane Footbridge yesterday. The sign is attached to the bottom of the sign for The Meadows.
(8/28/08) Weather Watch

The development of two tropical storms in the Atlantic -- Gustav and Hannah -- prompts Towpathguy to start a Weather Watch section.

(8/22/08) Davidson Avenue 5 mile lock parking lot temporary closure

From an announcement on the D&R Canal State Park website:

"Please be advised that the 5-Mile Lock parking area will be CLOSED from August 25th through late October due to a PSE&G construction project. Also be advised that the towpath will be intermittently inaccessible during this period of closure. Further details will be posted here when they are received, so do check back regularly."

(7/16/08) Coming new footbridge at Colonial Park
At its meeting on 7/16, the D&R Canal Commission voted to approve an application from Somerset County Park Commission to build a pedestrian bridge across the canal at Colonial Park. The minutes of the meeting state that "there would be six feet of clearance between the water and the bridge at its highest point." No other details are given. Towpathguy estimates that this new footbridge would be about 1/2 mile north of Amwell Road, presumably near the current canoe launch. Colonial Park has bike, hiking and equestrian trails and also restroom facilities. Towpathguy will post updates on this footbridge when additional information is available.