Wheelchair Access to the Towpath

Wheelchair access to the towpath is available at a number of locations. The TowpathGuy has not evaluated all of the entrances for absence of stairs, etc., but the following list of locks and footbridges provide both parking near the towpath with no roads to cross. Of these entrances, the footbridges at Little Valley and DeMott Lane provide a nice place to sit and look down the canal. Entrances south of the ones listed below need to be evaluated by TowpathGuy before he can add them to this list. See the Towpath Access page for a overall map and a listing of all of the towpath entrances.

Wheelchair access points to the Main Canal towpath from north to south.

  1. DeMott Lane Footbridge (parking)

  2. Davidson Avenue Lock - 5 Mile Lock (parking, hotels, close to I-287)

  3. South Bound Brook Lock (parking, picnic area)

  4. 10 Mile Lock (parking)

  5. Griggstown Lock (parking)

  6. Little Valley (parking) footbridge

  7. Kingston Lock (parking)