Mile Markers on the Towpath

If you've ever walked, ran or biked on the towpath, you might have noticed concrete "posts" along the towpath, always located on the side away from the canal. These are mile markers. If you stop to look at one, you'll discover that there are two numbers on the top. The sum of these numbers is always 44 -- approximately the historic length of the towpath. One number is the distance to the southern terminus on Ducks Island in Burlington (south of Trenton); the other is the distance to the northern terminus in New Brunswick (about 3 miles downstream from Landing Lane.

Runners beware! The mile markers are only approximately 1 mile apart. Some are lost, and some are in the "wrong" place. In the space below, TowpathGuy will put the approximate position of each Mile Marker (and other landmarks) and the distance of each one from one of the towpath entrances. For now, all distances will be from the Landing Lane gate. Have patience as this list will take some time to accumulate. Distances are measured to the middle of the landmark, unless specified otherwise.
  • 0.00 mi (0.00 km) Landing Lane entrance gate
  • 0.03 mi (0.05 km) Landing Lane west end of spillway
  • 0.16 mi (0.25 km) Culvert at One Mile Run (stream goes under the canal)
  • ? mi (? km ) Mile Marker 41/3 - this marker should be about 100 yards past the One Mile Run Culvert -- missing?
  • 1.10 mi (1.78 km) Culvert (name? of stream)
  • 1.20 mi (1.94 km) Mile Marker 40/4
  • 1.25 mi (2.01 km) large uprooted tree root on canal bank
  • 2.00 mi (3.22 km) DeMott footbridge
  • 2.06 mi (3.32 km) fork in towpath
  • 2.09 mi (3.36 km) east end of spillway
  • 2.19 mi (3.53 km) west end of spillway
  • 2.26 mi (3.63 km) Mile Marker 39/5
  • est. 3.26 mi (5.25 km) Mile Marker 38/6 -- exact distance not yet confirmed
  • 3.52 mi (5.66 km) I-287
  • 3.60 mi (5.79 km) 5 Mile Lock -- Davidson Avenue
  • est. 4.26 mi (6.86 km) Mile Marker 37/7 -- exact distance not yet confirmed
  • est 5.01 m (8.06 km) Converted Rail Bridge -- exact distance not yet confirmed
  • est 5.26 (8.47 km) Mile Marker 36/8 on west side of Queens Bridge about 5 feet from gate (5.23 mi on google maps) -- exact distance not yet confirmed
  • to be continued ...